In it’s 2012 comprehensive plan the city of Charlottesville designated the “Strategic Investment Area” just South of the downtown mall as a region of great potential. In 2013 the city hired planning consultants and held nearly a dozen public meetings to develop and refine a localized community-based design for the future of the area. The 17-acre IX property is at the center of the SIA and arguably has the greatest potential to contribute to the future success of the area. I worked with the owners of the IX property to propose a vision for the property that would successfully harmonize the desires of the property owners, the city, local residents, local businesses and visitors alike. Our aim is to create a diverse, mixed-use, innovative, sustainable and graceful group of buildings, parks, art and green spaces that will increase the quality of living for all of Charlottesville’s residents. Our mantra is to create a place so worthy of esteem as to bolster Charlottesville’s claim to be “A world-class city.”