My design process always starts with the needs, desires and dreams of my clients. Each project is unique but I start them all the same way: by asking lots of questions. I seek to understand as much as possible about the qualities of what you want, your aesthetic preferences, how you want spaces to function and feel. I want to understand how you inhabit spaces and what you appreciate: perhaps morning light in the kitchen, a bath tub in front of an oversize picture window, cross ventilation to catch cool spring and autumn breezes, a clear skylight over your bed, a curbless shower, a warm, wood paneled den, a stone hearth, a view of the sunset from your living room, geothermal heating and cooling, a wood shop in the garage, rainwater catchment, a rooftop garden. I seek to design spaces that will speak to your values, nurture happiness and evolve with your lifestyle. I make strong efforts to understand your priorities so we maximize the value of your investment and keep to your budget. I seek a clean, sustainable and elegant architecture; an architecture built primarily of natural light and natural materials. My goal is not only to make all of your dreams come true, but to help you create new realms of beauty you’ve yet to imagine.