A new campus for the Field School of Charlottesville on the South side of Barracks Road about one mile west of Barracks Shopping Center. A beautiful plot of land with open fields, trees, forested land, a pond and views to the Blue Ridge Mountains. As many as four buildings may comprise the campus: an academic building with 6-8 classrooms, a gymnasium, a dining hall, and an outdoor learning pavilion as well as a large multi-purpose field, an outdoor basketball court, gardens, trails and more.  Currently in the Schematic Design phase, below is an option for the academic building; a simple and clean modern design with occupied roof gardens above the classroom wings. Each classroom faces the large multi-purpose field and has a garden classroom just outside that may be uniquely planted with local trees, plants and flowers as desired. The administrative portion of the building sits modestly on the site as the classroom wings are gently tucked into the hill below. Upon entry is a brilliantly sun-filled solarium for the main circulation space and a dining/assembly space (named "The Aerie" because the school mascot is a falcon) with a spectacular view of the multi-purpose field and the mountains beyond. A local stone may be used for the exterior of classrooms wings with a warm wood exterior and interior above. Ribbons of oversize windows will bring in an abundance of natural light throughout the building, specifically a diffuse, steady and subtle Northern light into all the classrooms.