A modern home designed to minimize ecological impact on this site adjacent to the James River near Scottsville. The master suite above leads down to a great room terraced into three levels. The first level: dining, with 8’ ceiling; the second: kitchen, with 9’ ceiling; the third: living with 10’ ceiling. All have spectacular views through floor to ceiling windows that may open entirely. The roof of the first floor serves as an al fresco terrace for night sky viewing.  The design includes passive strategies to minimize heat gain in summer and maximize heat gain in winter, the use of a solar thermal water heater, photovoltaic panels for energy production, high-efficiency mechanical system with energy recovery ventilator, super-insulated foundation, walls and roof, triple pane windows, roofing material with a high solar reflective index, low-flow plumbing fixtures, rainwater collection, gray water reuse for irrigation, the possibility of sourcing siding & flooring from from old or damaged trees on site and using leftover slate from a nearby quarry, locally sourced materials, post-consumer recycled content materials, LED light fixtures and more.