Recently I've started designing furniture to be crafted by Jeff Welpott of Mesa Fine Furniture. You'll see here that I'm partial to walnut right now but also enjoy working with other local woods such as cherry, white oak, red oak, maple, pecan & sycamore.  A few of the pieces below have been crafted and a few are yet to be built; Jeff and I look forward to our first commission for these pieces. Jeff works at the highest level of craftsmanship and delivers furniture of exquisite precision and beauty that will last generations. Each piece is unique, starting with the inspection and selection of each rough sawn plank from local mills. He looks for sturdy pieces with interesting and beautiful color, grain pattern, contrast, iridescence, crotch and more. He selects boards with a specific piece in mind to anticipate an elegant bookmatch or an interesting burly knot at the right spot on a table top. In his shop he calibrates each joint to fit within hairline tolerances and is sure to allow for expansion and contraction based on varying temperature and humidity when required; but you won’t see these efforts, they are most often hidden, a slotted screw or slip joint somewhere underneath or behind. The final act of finishing is done by hand as opposed to the more typical method of spraying. This ensures that your piece will gently radiate with all the natural beauty the wood has to offer and will protect it for years to come. It’s our pleasure to make local sourced furniture for local folks.